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Gandalf Running Fast close

At Play in the Morning Snow

Crow's Cottage     •     January 20, 2011
Photo by Beau Bosko


Strong and focused, Gandalf the Australian shepherd is a wiry prancer and snarling leader of the pack.  A handsome merle, he is an eager catcher of the tennis ball and the flying disk, leaping as high as a tall man's eyes to win the prize.  When safe and secure in the cottage, he drops his bluster to become a cuddly pup.  At play he might follow the herding instinct to jump up and nip his master sharply on the arm.           

Gandalf was born between the railroad tracks and US Highway 61 in Frenchmans Bayou, Arkansas, in early November, 2010.  One of his nicknames is Gandy Pandy.

Gandalf Running Fast
flyin crow bat
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Ebenezer Bowles

Thursday, January 20, 2011
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