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buttercup and seashell

Narcissus minor

From the gardens at Crow's Cottage and the National Seashore at Padre Island
March 3, 2011
Photo by Beau Bosko


Notices announcing new entries for Crow's Cottage Glossary and Compendium are sent by e-mail express to my list of family, friends, students, and fellow travelers. If you've come here by some other means, I invite you to write me at the address below so I can add you to the list.  It's a private list, shared with no one and guarded by a flock of warrior crows with loud alarms and diligent fairies with tricks of illusion.  Aggressive or pacific — you choose — the guardians are in our service to ensure your privacy.

Ebenezer Bowles

Thursday, March 3, 2011
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