Black-Eyed Susan   ∞   Rudbeckia hirta

3 Dog Acres in rural Washington County, Arkansas       •      3 August 2013 and 4 August 2015
Image by Beau Bosko


By Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles

Posted from Crow's Cottage on 4 August 2015

Intimations of the Chase
(It Lasts Forever)

Must we wait for the whirlwind banging against our door before we call upon the Creator?

Even if we should call, what might we ask?  To be delivered?  To know the wishes and ways of the winds?

Laelaps rides on the crest of the tempest in pursuit of his prey.  But I refuse to be caught.  The chase lasts forever, even unto the turning stars.

"I will laugh at your calamity and mock you when your fear comes," Clement wrote of a vengeful god.  "When your fear comes as desolation and your destruction as a whirlwind, I will not hear."

Why not hear us, O Creator?  That is my question.  Forgive us our reproof of counsel, our disdain of knowledge.  Forgive and deliver us.  Grant us safety from the storm.

The Rider Is Approaching.

Helios gave rise to the sunflower, just as Aster gave birth to Helios.  All of life and the means to express it are interconnected.

Who among us does not desire to be forgiven?

Rue the mocking laughter and the cruel spikes of the thorn tree.  Turn away the rider on the white horse, the one approaching on the howling wind.  The rider means you harm.

black-eyed susan unadorned

Black-Eyed Whirlwind was first posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2015


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