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hummingbird by Deb


redbat History Is Good for You! Ibn Khaldûn's Words Ring True 600 Years Later. (Planet Clio)

Technology, Popular Culture, and the Writing Classroom by C. Reed

redbat Be the Rain: Eco-Friendly Messages in the Lyrics, Music, and Film of Neil Young's Musical Novel Greendale (LitTunes)


redbat Bang Bang. Save a Life Today (Letter from Crow's Cottage)

10,000 B.C. the movie

redbat 10,000 B.C. Wooly Mammoth Stampedes, Grateful Sabretooth Cats, Pyramid Building, and Slave Revolts: Now that's Entertainment! Or, Perhaps Not. (Planet Clio)


redbat Tobacco: By the Hand of Man. (Letter from Crow's Cottage)

(The) Trail of Tears documentary

redbat Pride, Honor, Culture, Unity: Native America at the University. (Planet Gnosis)

Treadway, Ellen

redbat Scaffold for Success: Foreign Language (Planet Gnosis)


redbat Ignored and Scorned (Photo of the Week)

Truman, Harry

redbat A Hunger for Leadership. Where Are the Brave and Admirable Who Are Strong Enough to Take a Stand? (Saturday's Guest Writer)

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