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study guide

Martin Luther

By Martin Marty


Chapter 1:
The Hunger for Certainty 1483-1519

Describe Lutherís family background, childhood, and education.

Who was Johannes von Staupitz and what sort of influence did he have on Luther and his development as a theologian?

What is the concept of Angechtungen and how does it fit into Lutherís theological struggles and his religious ideas?

What were the significances of Lutherís debates at Heidelberg and Augsburg in 1518 and at Leipzig in 1519?


Chapter 2:
Defining the Life of Faith 1520-1525

How does Marty describe the contents and significance of Lutherís three Reformation treatises of 1520?

What did Luther experience and accomplish during his confinement at the Wartburg Castle?

Describe the appearance of religious radicalism in Wittenberg and how Luther reacted to it?

What was Lutherís concept of the ďTwo KingdomsĒ and how he hope to see it applied to sixteenth century society?

How does Marty describe the analogy between Lutherís struggles with faith and the patriarch Jacob wrestling with the angel at the Jabbok river?


Chapter 3:
Living the Faith 1525-1530

What were Lutherís attitudes toward clerical celibacy and the institution of marriage? Describe his marriage to Katherine von Bora and the coupleís relationship.

How did sermons and visitations contribute to the creation and maintenance of a Christian society in the thought of Martin Luther?

What was the role of education for children in Lutherís theology? How did his small and large Catechisms contribute to this process?

Describe the dispute between Luther and Erasmus over the issue of free will. How did the two men differ from each other?

What was Lutherís view of baptism and infant baptism?

What was Lutherís view of the End of the World and how did it affect his teachings and his organization of the Church and Christian society?


Chapter 4:
The Heart Grows Cold,
the Faith More Certain 1530-1546

What were the developments that made Lutherís heart grow cold?

What was Lutherís role in the various efforts to bring reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Reformers and how did he feel about such efforts?

What was Lutherís role in the bigamy of Philip of Hesse and how did this incident effect his reputation?

Late in his life Luther attacked the papacy, the Turks, and the Jews in his writings. What did he say about each of these opponents? Why did Luther link these three groups together?


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