Missive the Fifty-Fourth

The Escape Clause.

DATELINE: Thursday, February 1, 2001, at 0130 hours CDT
Conway, Arkansas, USA

By D. Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles
CornDancer & Company

My plan to post number Fifty-Four on Tuesday was interrupted by the Holy Ghost. The Comforter stopped the Reverend and me in our tracks for about fifty-seven hours. We didn't sleep much. Glory!

The spirit 'round Cricket Song is sweet lately. To the few dear ones who've written to rebuke the garnish of bitterroot I sometimes sprinkle on the page, or to exhort one of my personae to shun the down 'n out, let me first thank you for caring before I quote the famous slogan of Alfred E. Neuman: "What, me worry?"

Don't let my rant about the occasional visit of the blues and Lady Doubt concern you all that much: I'm sane enough, I think, to manage the day. The night may be a tougher matter, but I'll wander through it. There's bacon 'n beans in the larder. The dogs have bones. The mortgage payment is current. Love is especially plentiful.

A day late now and somewhat drained, I suspect that tonight I won't cobble together my notes of last week's conversation with the exiled Themis Aegle of Arcadia for Part Two of a Series, which I announced would appear onsite and in E-mail on January 30. I want to explore Miss Themis' views on prophets and prophecy, but I'm sluggish from eating so much manna. The energy isn't available to give Part Two the proper treatment. I'm disappointed I didn't meet the deadline. Soon.

Here's another announcement: the next Saturday's Guest Writer (February 3) is a young soldier serving in Kosovo. PFC Ace Hendrix has sent three photographs and a report from his barracks in the Balkans. His guest article will make-for an interesting read and look-see. Watch your E-mail.

A note to any of you who've seen the aged machine glide into your driveway: Old Zog, my 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis wagon, sputtered into oblivion last week, but the Tai Chi master took possession and pledged to tinker with the ailing land yacht until, perhaps, it is able to return to the road.

If any of you want to join me in urging Mickey Miles to resume his Dispatch from London, please send an E-mail and I'll pass it along to him. I mean it. Maybe if Mr. Mickey realizes how much we enjoy his writing, he'll arise and do it again. Please, readers, help me enjoin him.

A new subsite of corndancer.com will debut soon: Berlin Diary and Reports from the Hinterland: New Voices from Germany. (That's the working title, anyway.) Our young editor from the north country of Deutschland is hard at work recruiting friends and associates for the weekly series, which will not only explore life and life only in Germany, but also explore the expressive opportunities of English as a second language. Thanks, Jens, for agreeing to shepherd the project!

Now I'll employ the escape clause in my CornDancer contract.

on Friday, February 2, 2001.
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