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The Will for Destruction.

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

The Enemy May Be Able to Strike First.

Planet Earth,
Engulfed in Combat.

Are You Ready for the Fallout?

from Bald Mountain near Rachel, Nevada

Don't you know that when the war in Iraq begins, most of the world's militarized nations will become engulfed in combat?

One of our group of desert-bound thinkers thinks so. Alfred N. the Eltern is our resident prophet of doom. We relay his report and allow him to speak for the dark side within us.

You might think the war between USA and Iraq will be swift and well contained. You might be correct, too but we doubt it.

Humanity at last is willing to destroy itself. It won't succeed, but millions of beings will be killed in the effort. Many great cities will be devastated. The Planet Earth shall be deeply wounded and permanently scared.

If the USA can launch its attack before its enemy strikes first, the greater conflagration won't erupt until after the violent drive toward Baghdad begins.

It is possible, however, that a terrorist-delivered nuclear explosion will stun the warriors of the United States now gathered in Kuwait before the strike force can be deployed into Iraq.

Otherwise, USA troops will move toward Baghdad at a time of their choosing. Our best guess is March 11. Soon thereafter, other nations will act and react.

Syria will send its jets against Israel. The Israelis will retaliate with devastating effectiveness.

North Korea will strike the South. The first nuclear explosions will occur. The Korean peninsula will be virtually destroyed.

China will strike Taiwan by aerial assault, and then send its soldiers across the waters to reclaim the great island.

USA will seize Baghdad, and then turn its forces to the east to punish Iran for past sins.

Pakistan will then drop its nuclear warheads on India, which will retaliate and destroy many of Pakistan's cities.

The conflagration will continue until USA, Russia, and China form an alliance of bitter necessity to subdue and rule the remnants.

| David Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles |
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