The Mis-Education
Of the Judeo-Christian.

A Ten-Part Series
October 29, 2000, through January 7, 2001

Epistles Eleven through Thirty-Two

January 14, 2001, through June 17, 2001

The Thirty-Second Epistle.
June 17, 2001.

NBA Now!

I canít say enough good about Memphis Mayor Dr. W.W. Herenton. He made a fast break, driving down the lane with financial and legislative wizardry to make a stunning 360-degree slam dunk. He maneuvered with the finesse....

The Thirty-First Epistle.
June 10, 2001.

Scattered and Reunited.

Summer seems to be the perfect time for Family Reunions. We chance to meet aunts we didn't know we had, uncles and cousins we thought might have been related but couldn't quite put our fingers on the connection....

The Thirtieth Epistle.
June 3, 2001.

Saved, But Condemned.

Because of grace, because Christ died for us, it is all but impossible for the sincere Christian to go to his fleshly grave without making it to heaven. However, there is one subtle form of deceit employed by Satan that can place one's salvation in jeopardy....

The Twenty-Ninth Epistle.
May 27, 2001.

The Sky Is Falling.

A famous childhood limerick by Eric Sleator McGill goes something like this....

The Twenty-Eighth Epistle.
May 20, 2001.


This past week was extraordinary. Revelation upon revelation came to me in a spiritual fire....

The Twenty-Seventh Epistle.
May 13, 2001.

Exposing the Devil.

There is so much to know about what is happening in this world, so much to ponder. I ask you: Why? It is because our duty to self and to God is to seek truth and the knowledge of truth....

The Twenty-Sixth Epistle.
April 29, 2001.

Get Up, Lazarus!

You know, this is a very rewarding website. As I write these epistles to you, I get the chance to preach to myself. Excuse me, but I find it "All Good!" ....

The Twenty-Fifth Epistle.
April 22, 2001.

Shaped and Fashioned
To Become Righteous.

Children are dying, mothers are crying. Cities are under attack from within at the hands of their children. The stock market is way out of control and the national debt is paid on paper. Diseases have assumed victory over medicine and science, and the pursuit of happiness has become a miscegenation of greed and religious zealousness. Therein lies a mystery....

The Twenty-Fourth Epistle.
April 15, 2001.

Is There Perfection?

The most famous of the proofs for God's existence is the "Ontological proof," developed by Saint Anselm (1033-1109), Archbishop of Canterbury. Anselm's Ontological proof follows three basic steps....

The Twenty-Third Epistle.
April 8, 2001.

Trust Your Anointing.

I am humbled by your response to these Epistles through your telephone calls, E-mail, and while talking to some of you in person. You flatter me. Yes, you do. Even so, as humble as I may be, don't stop....

The Twenty-Second Epistle.
April 1, 2001.

To Glory.

God is amazing! I mean, simply, amazing! He has made it possible for us to consider every aspect of our growth and development....

The Twenty-First Epistle.
March 25, 2001.

How Is
The Same?

When I started to write this epistle, I was convinced that I would focus on racism. I had a grand title, "The Great Racial Divide." As I talked with people about the issue, conducting interviews on the subject, my mind was swayed to explore a matter of greater importance: How Is Difference The Same? ....

The Twentieth Epistle.
March 18, 2001.

The Weight of Sin.

My, my, my. What a journey we travel. Do you ever wonder where we go ó and ultimately, what shall be our reward at the journey's end? The old Negro Spiritual says, "When I've come to the end of my journey, he'll say, 'Well done.' " ....

The Nineteenth Epistle.
March 11, 2001.

Cast Them Out.

It is not often that we engage ourselves in a clearly defined battle with adverse spirits. Most of the time we are plagued with misfortune, mishaps, foul-ups and foilings without really knowing the cause. Even so, the wise men of the struggle tells us, we are either part of the problem or part of the solution....

The Eighteenth Epistle.
March 4, 2001.

Restraint, Control, and Morality.

The name Nimrod means valiant, strong. Thus as it was in those days even until now, an individual's name was an identification of his character, or his personal claim to fame....

The Seventeenth Epistle.
February 25, 2001.

Who Shall Return? This Same Jesus

Because I am the type of person I am, and because I have seen the life I have seen, oftentimes I allow what I read to beckon me to a nostalgic review of the wonders God has wrought in the lives of men. As a result, I seek evidence of having lived as one who continues to grow in the spirit....

The Sixteenth Epistle.
February 18, 2001.

To Overcome Injustice.

I just happen to be a member of Tennessee's Disproportionate Minority Confinement Task Force (DMC). In obedience, I traveled to Nashville on Monday, February 12, to attend the quarterly meeting. I was in a sort of flippant mood; sarcastic, if you will, and rather ho-hum about the meeting's purpose....

The Fifteenth Epistle.
February 11, 2001.

The Right Thing.

I am almost embarrassed at having to explore, in the year 2001, the reasoning behind doing the right thing. Indeed, I am! What familiar spirits so successfully reign in the hearts of men that confusion constantly overrides clear thinking? Our efforts should be to ward off deception, not embrace it....

The Fourteenth Epistle.
February 4, 2001.

To Live
Is Christ.

I recall a popular song from the good ole days called "What Am I Living For?" It was a hit that traveled up the chart and maintained a position in the R&B Top Forty for some time. It talked about a man loving a woman so much he declared that his only reason for living was to live for her....

The Thirteenth Epistle.
January 28, 2001.

Persistent Call
To the Ministry.

As I write this epistle, I am swayed to talk about aberrations, optical illusions, visions, and dreams. Yes, even the paranormal is worthy of inclusion in this letter....

The Twelfth Epistle.
January 21, 2001.

Gifton H. Jones,
Full Service Pastor.

"When I came to Jerusalem, it was for a visit. I preached and the rest is history."

The Eleventh Epistle.
January 14, 2001.

with a
Drug Abuser.

The encounter happened some months ago. I relate it now because several issues raised during the encounter have resurfaced, incrementally, to challenge my perspective on what was, what is, and what is to be....

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