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By Joseph Dempsey spacer for and gator

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I can hear the “awwws” now as readers are ogling the gray fox above. And rightly so, I suppose. He or she does look kind of warm and fuzzy, but tell that to a chicken or other critter running for its life from “warm and fuzzy.”

This particular fox probably is not with us anymore, since the picture was shot on film in the mid-to-late nineties. At the time the fox was a resident of the Urocyon Hilton at Audubon Park, aka, the New Orleans Zoo. Seeing the fox so clearly in daylight was a special opportunity since gray foxes are nocturnal creatures. Also monogamous, for what it is worth.

A trip to the zoo, as I postulated a few weeks ago, is good for the soul, but not necessarily for the feet if you take in the (excuse me here) lion’s share of what there is to see and otherwise experience. But sore feet will self-heal and soon be forgotten. Conversely, there may be some stuff to see and hear that will remain ensconced in your write-only memory. Such as seeing a full-frontal fox.


Around the corner, far from the fox, is another of God’s creatures, also a predator. Unlike the fox, this critter is viewed with fear, trepidation, and frequent “yuks” — unless you are a University of Florida fan, in which case the beast is venerated.

We are speaking of the American Alligator. The gator, not far too far removed from his pre-historic format, is a very successful species. There was a time when the gators’ success was in doubt, due to the popularity of its tough hide for shoes, purses, belts, and other personal accruements. Sane game and fish laws prevailed, and now our gators are back to what they do best, which is making more gators and, as the top of its particular food chain, keeping nature balanced.

To work well for planet earth, nature needs ‘em all. There is, I surmise, a sound reason for the existence of every one of God’s creatures, although I have yet to figure out the right reason with regard to the state bird of Louisiana, the “skeeter.” Perhaps the skeeter exists to remind us that we do live in an imperfect world. And the skeeter, if that reminder is his job, excels in his, actually, her duties. That being said, I’m outta here.

N O T E S:  
Fox and gator shot a long time ago with a Nikon N90s, loaded with Fujichrome 100 and mounted on a tripod. Past that, I ain’t sure.

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