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An Illusion of Perspective

No, the pitcher is not doing an underhand backwards pitch to second base.  This was shot during warmups.  The ball was hurled from the right fielder in the general direction of the center fielder.

Not So Greatest

Sunday, August 16, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Shooting sports is a hoot despite the fact that in the summer it is hot, sweaty, and sticky and in the winter you can feel your nerve endings complaining as life is slowly and painfully frozen out of them — or so it seems.

The sports pictures you see published in newspapers and magazines extol a great accomplishment of set circumstances.  Today, we will show you some of those images that never make the cut because they are not the greatest moments in sports.


On the Way to Second

Things are not boding well here for those hoping to defend and deny second base to the runner.



A couple of frames later, just when you think things can’t get worse, up jumps the devil.


Safe in a Cloud of Dust

Same as the top picture.  When the attacker is moving toward the base and the defender is moving away from it, the defender might as well figure out how to politely welcome his temporary guest.

Thanks for looking. Now you can get back to work.


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