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Projects & Assignments

Spring Semester 2014

January 17 through May 10


January 17 | Dr. Bowles
Topic:  Defining culture, MC, and MC Ed; Importance of MC; Who am I?
Key Question:  How does my cultural background influence my teaching?
Homework:  Read Chapters 1 & 2. ABC Who Are We?

January 20
Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

January 24 | Dr. Farah
Topic:  Ethnicity and Race
Key Question:  What strategies do I use to support ethnic differences among my students?
Homework:  Read Chapters 4 -5
Assignments Due:  ABC Who Are We?  |  Email to Dr. Bowles

January 31 | Dr. Bowles
Topic:  Gender & Sexual Orientation — Who are my students? Where should I go to find out what my students experience. The MC Step Out.
Key Question:  How can I support my LGBTQ students and ensure that multiple perspectives are valued in my classroom?
Homework:  Read Chapter 3. MC STEP OUT location

February 7 | Dr. Farah
Topic:  Class and SES
Key Question:  How does SES interact with other variables to affect how my students learn?
Homework:  Read Chapter 6
Assignments Due:  MC STEP OUT location  |  Email to Dr. Bowles

February 14 | Dr. Farah
Topic:  Exceptionalities
Key Question:  How can I provide the best learning environment for my students with exceptionalities?
Homework:  Read Chapter 7

February 21 | Dr. Bowles
Topic:  Language, Learning, and Culture. Creating a class profile.
Key Question:  How does my language affect my students’ learning and behavior?  How do the languages of my students impact their learning?
Homework:  Work on class profile

February 28 | Dr. Farah
Topic:  Test Chapters 1-7
Key Question: Am I prepared for this test?
Homework:  Read Chapter 9.  Work on class profile.
Assignments Due:  Test

March 7 | Dr. Bowles
Topic:  Geography
Key Question:  How has my local/regional background influenced my beliefs about the world around me? How do those beliefs influence my teaching?
Homework:  Read Chapter 8
Assignments Due:  Class Profile Assignment.  Bring to Class.

March 14 | Dr. Farah
Topic:  Religion
Key Question:  What role does my spiritual belief play in how I approach schooling, teaching, and learning?
Homework:  Read Chapter 11

March 21 | Dr. Bowles
Topic:  Education that is Multicultural.  What is my school like?  How can schools "transform?”  How can I be a part of the transformation?
Key Question:  What evidence does my school display that shows respect for all students?  What  behavioral examples do I find in my school context of respect for all students?

March 24 through March 28
S P R I N G    B R E A K

April 4 | Dr. Bowles
Topic:  What is my community like?
Key Question:  How much do I know about my students’ communities and cultural capital?
Homework:  Read Chapter 10.

April 11 | Dr. Farah
Topic:  Youth Culture
Key Question:  How can I recognize emotional, physical, and psychological signs of distress in my students?

April 18 | Dr. Bowles
Topic:  What are my goals for infusing cultural competence in my class and school?
Key Question:  How can I become a more culturally competent teacher?

April 25 | Dr. Farah
Topic:  Final Exam
Key Question:  Am I prepared to be respectful to all my students and to be an advocate for their academic success?
Assignments Due:  MC Step Out — C & W — Final Exam.

May 2
D E A D    D A Y

May 10
C O M M E N C E M E N T   |   C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !


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