January 17, 2003.

Listening to Learn.

In your first ACS class, we watched a video about the university system in the United States. You may have discovered that you didn't understand everything that the lecturer said; however, you may also have discovered that you could understand the main points. Learning to be an active listener requires several skills that we will discuss in class this week. You will be surprised at how quickly your listening comprehension will increase this semester.

Class Visitations.

For the class visitations project you will visit two general education classes (classes that all undergraduate students must take) and two upper division classes (junior and senior level classes). The first step in this project is to learn about the structure of university classes in the United States. We will watch a video about the university system this week. Next week, we will visit the computer lab so that you can choose which classes you would like to visit.

The Novel Project.

For the Novel Project, you will choose a fictional novel to read by a contemporary American writer. To begin the project, you will read several book reviews by former students to give you some suggestions about whom to read. Popular writers include John Grisham (from Arkansas), Danielle Steele, and Anne Rice. You will have the entire semester to read this book and four written assignments to complete.

Bonus Point Challenge
IEP Rules and Regulations.

Email your answers to freddieb@mail.uca.edu by Friday, January 17, to earn some extra points.

1. True False: If you have all As and Bs in Level Three, you can begin university classes next semester.

2. How many absences are you allowed for the Academic Classroom Skills classes?

3. In Level Three you can get three credit hours if you meet several requirements. What is one of these requirements?

January 14, 2003

Lesson and Class Activities Homework

January 17.

Reading activity: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Check homework about the video.

January 20.

No class: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.

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