January 30, 2003.

Writing a Thank You Note

Students are often required to write a formal thank you note as a gesture of appreciation. This is also a part of your Class Visitation project. The note should be short and to the point.

Begin with a formal greeting: Dear Dr., Mrs., Mr., Professor Jones. Identify yourself and tell them that you appreciate their allowing you to visit their class. Thank them and then sign your message. You can send me the message first if you want some editing assistance.

Adjective Word Order.

Here are some good examples from the homework last week on adjective word order (Task 4). We will go over these in class again and discuss the options when using descriptive adjectives. Can you guess who the writers are?

It's an ugly old statue of a stone monster.

It's a small old doll made of clay and decorated with black cloth.

It's a beautiful small sculpture made of well-preserved old clay.

That is a well-preserved mural with many irregular animal designs.

This small wooden figure of an angel is painted with white stripes which resemble white feathers.

Projects for Friday.

Your first class visitation report is due on Friday. This is an important project, so please do your best to complete the report. You must also choose your novel for Friday. Bring it to class so that I can have a look and make my recommendation.

Bonus Point Challenge Week Three
Insights One: Task Seven.

Send your answers to freddieb@mail.uca.edu by Monday noon, February 3.

1. What are the two ways that folk objects are learned?

2.What is one interconnection common to all folklore?

3. True False: Crafts learned in school are an example of material folk culture.

January 30, 2003

Lesson and Class Activities Homework
January 30.

Check homework: Adjective worksheet, Tasks 8 and 9.

Handout: How to take notes.

Scanning Exercise: Taking notes.

January 31.

Class Visitation Project Report.

Novel Project: Write down the title and author of your book.

January 31.

Collect homework.

Group work: Task 11.

February 3.

Written work: Task 12 and 13, pages 10 and 11.

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