February 13, 2003.

Speaker and Next Test.

On Friday, two guests from the Writing Lab will give a brief presentation about what the Writing Lab is and what services it offers. Don't be absent because you will also have some questions about the presentation on Tuesday. On Monday, you will have your second test on the Chapter One: Exploration.

Class Visitation Project Two.

Your second Class Visitation Project is due on Friday. I will give you a checklist of what you have to do for this project as well as what you have forgotten or haven't done for the first project. The project has four parts: permission to visit from the professor, the report form, the thank-you rough draft for me to edit, and the CC of the revised thank-you for me to read.

Several of you sent me the rough draft of the thank-you email, but you haven't sent me a CC of the revised version. This is ten points of the grade, so you must do this for all the visits. Even if you are visiting one of your extra classes, you still have to send me a thank-you so that I can check your writing and grammar.

Abdoulkader Earns Extra Credit AGAIN.

Don't forget that you can earn extra credit by attending presentations on campus such as the Dress for Success event (see Important Dates on the homepage). Abdoulkader is the front runner on writing extra reports. He attended a film presentation on Monday night and earned some more important extra points. Congratulations, Abdoulkader.

What Are We Reading?

The first Novel Project was a success. Most of you earned almost the full 25 points. The most difficult part of the project was the vocabulary. Remember that the sentences have to be examples that you create. Pay attention to the part of speech. Some of the sentences were incorrect because the word had been used for a different part of speech. Another novel update: Lucero has changed her novel.

Batka is reading Gretchen Sprague's Maquette for Murder.

Abdoul is reading Elizabeth Peters' Lord of the Silent.

Gabi changed her novel to Sidney Sheldon's Tell Me Your Dreams.

Danijela is reading Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes.

Issoufou is reading Toni Morrison's Beloved.

Wen is reading Jane Heller's Female Intelligence.

Lucero is reading Nicolas Sparks' A Walk to Remember.

Ryohei is reading Jack London's The Call of the Wild.

Susanna is reading Sidney Sheldon's Never Last Forever.

Maki is reading Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess.

Kanae is reading Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline.

Anna is reading Barbara Delinsky's The Woman Next Door.

By the way, Mrs. Bowles is reading Hermann Hesse's Strange News from Another Star among other works.

Bonus Point Challenge Answers
Week Five.
Insights One: Exploration, Task 11.

Email your answers to freddieb@mail.uca.edu by Wednesday, February 12, 2:00 p.m.

1. True False: Folk object forms change slowly.
Answer: True.

2. Why do folk objects claim a historical significance?
Answer: Because they endure.

3. What does the death head symbolize in the life of the late seventeenth century Pilgrim?
Answer: It represents the mortality of man.

February 13, 2003

Lesson and Class Activities Homework
February 13.

Listening Activity: Video Segment Three.

Partner work: Vocabulary Review.

Discussion: Tasks 15-16.

February 14.

Class Visitation Project Two Due.

Study for test on Monday: Pages 14-26.

February 14.

Listening Activity: Presentation by Writing Lab guests.

Review for test.

February 14.

Study for test.

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