March 3, 2003.

Major Class Visitations.

Not all of you have sent your permission for the next project. Because you have specific deadlines for this project, being late on the homework causes you to lose points. Please do your work by the due date.

Your first report for the major class visitation is due Friday, March 7, along with the second Novel Project. This will give you an extra week to complete the first project for your major class.

You will repeat the same procedures for these two visits as you did for the General Education visits except you will send me the permission information in an Email by Friday, February 28. In this Email, tell me the professors' names, course names, times and days of your visits.

After you turn in the report form, you will send me a thank-you Email to edit and then a copy of the edited thank-you Email.

How many steps are there to the last two visitation projects?

1. Send me an email with the permission to visit the classes by Friday, February 28. Tell me the names of the professors, the courses, and the days and times of the visit.

2. Visit the classes.

3. First visit report due on March 7; second visit report due on March 21.

4. Rough draft of thank-you email for each class.

5. CC of edited draft of thank-you email.

6. All steps of these two visits are due by April 11. Any parts of the assignment that are late will receive NO CREDIT.

Bonus Point Challenge
Week Seven Answers
Insights One:
Expansion, Task 11.

1. True False: Mrs. Goodwill is seventy years old.
Answer: False. We don't know how old she is.

2. True False: Mr. Goodwill got his idea for the pyramid while on a Nile cruise.
Answer: True.

3. What model did Mr. Goodwill use to create his pyramid?
Answer: Mr Goodwill used the Great Pyramid in Egypt for his model.

March 4, 2003

Lesson and Class Activities Homework
March 4.

Collect graded homework.

Discussion: "A Year in Provence" and "Participial Phrases."

March 5.

Reading: Task 10, page 50, Task 11, page 51.

Bookwork: Read Task 10, page 50, and Grammar, page 51, Task 11.

March 5.

Check homework.

Partner work: Vocabulary.

March 6.

Reading: Page 55.

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