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TOEFL Reminder.

Class will be dismissed on Monday, November 17, due to the TOEFL test.

Class Visitation Reminder.

Don't forget to send your thank-you Emails for editing for the second Class Visitation. Also, please note that the major class visitation is due next week. The last novel project is also due, but I will postpone it to November 25, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. All major projects should be finished by then including the thank-you Emails. I will not accept any late work after November 25 because we will have Final Exams the next week and grades have to be calculated early.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I hope you all are as fascinated by the topic of immigration as I am. Being a traveler and a curious person, I enjoy reading about why people change their residences from one country to another. We've talked about why people are "pushed" out of their countries due to famine, war, politics, religion, but what are some of the reasons that people are "pulled" to another country?

Bonus Point Challenge.
Chapter Three "The New Immigration."

Email your answers to by Friday, November 14, 5:00 p.m., for a chance to earn some more valuable Bonus Points.

1. Why did Annie Sproul leave Ireland?

2. How many people immigrated to the United States before the Civil War?

3. In what region did the new immigrants settle?

Lesson and Class Activities Homework
November 13.

Video Lecture Worksheet: "Immigrant Stereotypes."

Task 12: "The New Immigration: 1880-1900."

November 14.

Written work: Task 13, page 101-102.

November 14.

Collect homework.

Video lecture: Immigration.

November 18.

Finish worksheet on video lecture.

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