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A recent flood necessitated moving our local fireworks display next door to Saracen Lake, which gave a bit more imagery oomph with added reflections in water.

Light Show over Saracen

Sunday, July 5, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Saracen Lake in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, is a honey-hole for imagery.  When migratory water birds arrive in cooler months for their winter stay, one can almost always score a few good shots.  In the warmer months when the sun moves north, the sunsets behind its western banks are among the best one can see anywhere, particularly in late spring and early summer months when storms brew up in the west.



Before the fireworks began, the sun was descending behind a curtain of scattered clouds, the remnants of a storm which earlier threatened the display, but departed in plenty of time.

There was an added attraction this year.  Our recent flooding played hob with the parts of our big regional park from which our Independence Day fireworks displays are launched.  The good souls responsible for the display moved it a quarter mile or so west to the baseball complex that abuts the lake.  The new setting made for some great fireworks reflections.

My assignment was to photograph the fireworks display, but the remnants of a rainstorm were still hanging around just before the fireworks started, so I grabbed a handful of storm-remnant sunset shots.  The trip was a twofer.



It is always a fortunate set of visual circumstance when the sun appears to be co-mingling with the clouds when in reality, the two are light-years apart.


Streamers over a Lake of Fire

This low burst near the water lit up the liquid like the legendary a lake of fire.

And that’s how it is down here in LA (lower Arkansas) folks.  Have a goodun!


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