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A Klatch of Cows

This klatch of cattle has just noticed that I have exited the truck and am positioning myself to photograph them without their fence in the picture.  Their curiosity in the next few minutes will grow exponentially.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

We’ve all heard the old saw “curious as a cat.”  As a long-time servant of a series of cats, I can attest to their curiosity.  It is a natural truth.  As a photographic explorer, I have discovered that many cows are as curious as a cat.  Particularly when a pickup truck is part of the equation.


Gaze of the Bell Cows

These two bovines on the right side of the group are apparently the ringleaders (bell cows?).  Their gaze is firmly affixed on yours truly.  The one on the left is sticking her tongue out at me and the one of the right has assumed bird-dog-on-point stance.  The remains of her last hay snack are still hanging on her chin.

I’m thinking the cattle curiosity is probably heightened by the presence of a pickup.  Chances are, their favorite human arrives in a pickup truck to provide new hay, feed, and words of encouragement.  But then again, perhaps not. Who knows?


A Docile Move Forward

The two leaders have marshalled the troops and are marching in my direction.  At this point, I am grateful there is a fence between us.  Not that I have fears of attack, for they appear to be docile critters, but if one of them gets a tad too close and steps on my foot, I would remember my old observation from motorcycle days:  “Pain hurts.”


Bevy of Bovines Bellies Up

Just a few seconds later the bevy of bovines has bellied up to the fence.  Speaking of bellies, the one on the left appears to be “great with calf.”  The one on the right has in all likelihood recently given birth since she appears to be somewhat more svelte.


Mama and Baby

There’s an exception to every rule.  This momma and her day-old baby were a bit camera shy, but I managed to grab this one before they departed down range.

There’s nothing earth shaking, nor is there a deeper meaning to this epistle.  I merely thought it might be fun to look at a few cows.  Not nearly as depressing as most of the news.


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