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This Stearman Roars and Growls

Part and parcel of the Experimental Aircraft Association Razorback Chapter's annual fly-in at Grider Field in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, is a static display of old aircraft.  You're looking at the business end of a finely restored Stearman, standing tall at the event.  To aircraft buffs, there’s nothing quite like the coughing and sputtering of a radial engine when it starts-up — followed by the rumbling, throaty roar and growl after the mechanical beast gulps its first wind.  An appropriate poster in the organization lounge states that “Radial engines do not drip oil.  They mark their territory.”

Triple Play Day in LA

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Pine Buff, Arkansas

The action in LA (lower Arkansas) on a beautiful Saturday was scattered like a covey of quail.  There was a fly-in air show in Pine Bluff, a dog wash/bake sale in White Hall, and the annual Ding Dong Days Fun Day at Dumas.  I believe it’s a certain bet that on September 20, 2014, I was the only denizen of the area to make all three.

The Air Show

The Experimental Aircraft Association Razorback Chapter annual fly-in at Grider Field in Pine Bluff features formation flying with pilots in high-performance aircraft they have, for the most part, built themselves from kits.  You also see a static display of restored airplanes.  If you like airplanes and flying this is the place to be.


Yes, It Flies.

Here’s a full dress glance at the Stearman.  (The Stearman engine is shown at the top of this page.)  The aircraft is fully operational and can occasionally be seen in the skies around our fair city.


BT-13 and AT-6

The red-tailed plane in the foreground is a fully restored and operational Vultee BT-13, a World War II trainer.  Just behind it is a similarly restored North American AT-6.  I have had the pleasure of being a passenger in the BT-13.


Practice = Spectacular

This formation of air show participants showed they practice their skills.  They presented this aerial spectacular display for everyone's delight.

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The Dog Wash and Bake Sale

The second stop was critter friendly.  Pine Bluff Animal Friends is the support group for Pine Bluff Animal Control.  They are all volunteers.  They actively campaign and dedicate their personal resources and energies to encourage and effectuate dog and cat adoption from residents of the Animal Control Shelter.  They also visit the critters — and in the case of dogs, give them walks and encouragement.  On this Saturday, they set up a dog wash and bake sale benefit to support their work.  I am proud to say that my spousal unit is one of those volunteers.



This pup is completing the bathing ordeal and looking at the Mistress for help in escaping its watery fate.  A Yorkie is waiting in the wings.


A Black Dog Is a Good Dog!

With ears up, this group is looking and saying, “Take me home, take me home, take me home.”  Sadly, according to dog adoption authorities, black dogs are typically the last to be adopted.  We have two black dogs and consider any household without at least one black dog to be incomplete.


I'm Intelligent and Loyal.

Archer, a Belgian Malinois, is an owner-surrender resident at animal control.  He is a cool, friendly dude, just lookin’ for a home.  These dogs are noted for their trainability, intelligence, and loyalty.

Fun Day at Ding Dong Days

The third event in this LA trifecta was a fun day at Ding Dong Days in Dumas.  Named after “Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas,” a popular song in the twenties, Ding Dong Days is one of Arkansas' longest running festivals.  Now combined with the Dumas High School homecoming festivities, the event features a week of activities.  It is family friendly and very popular.


Descent from the Tower

This young man makes a spectacular descent after a successful climb on the rock tower.


I Want that Cake!

One of the cakewalk volunteers shows off a cakewalk prize, an “Earthquake Cake,” which looks yummy.  Turns out, the young man admiring the cake also won it.



Eating for fun and profit is the mantra of the Ding Dong Days eating contest.  Here is the grand champion.

From the Day Before


In Perfect Sync

This picture is actually from the day before, but I could not resist the urge to include it in this collection.  Perched above the crowd during the Ding Dong Days and Homecoming parade festivities, this young mother and her daughter are in perfect sync.  You are invited to see 61 pictures from the parade in the Ding Dong Days Parade gallery.

There you have it. A day in LA — and you didn't have to travel to see it.  Ain’t science grand!!!


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