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A Cypress Wonderland

Enough snow has accumulated on the boughs of these fine cypress trees to make them bend with the weight — and the snow continues to fall.  For those of you who follow these stories, this is the same pond that is home to the American Lotus blooms (aka water lilies) I occasionally feature.  See the big blooms here and here.  This was the first stop on the snow trip.

snowing in LA

Sunday, March 1, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Almost every winter here in Lower Arkansas, we experience snow.  By a large margin, these local instances of the white stuff are mere dustings that leave little evidence of their visit.  Tuesday, February 24, was the exception to the rule.  Around 9:45 a.m. or so the snow started to fall.  The snowfall continued until around 4 in the afternoon.  At times the relentless snow was heavy and thick with giant flakes.

This was a time for fools and photographers to venture forth.  Being dually cursed with both issues, my compulsion was irresistible — which explains my theory on snow photography:  Do not wait until the snow stops, get in the big middle of the storm, and fire away.  So off I went.  Since the faithful pickup, now approaching 300,000 miles, is off-road equipped, negotiating the snow was not a big issue.  In fact it was kinda fun (ud’n, ud’n!).


Day of the Donkey Moon

The second stop was a pasture not far from town, home to a Duke’s mixture of cattle and donkeys.  Two donkeys were kind enough to give me their undivided attention while the other two decided to moon me.


Hay It's Cold Out Here.

In just the few minutes between the donkeys and the cattle, the storm intensified.  These cattle are gathered around a round hay bale, taking on fuel to ward off the cold.  What seems to us to be a massive inconvenience is business as usual for these cows.


Going Rogue

These girls and their children decided to break off from the main group.  Perhaps they are rugged individuals or were fed up with the company they were keeping.


Two Is Better than One.

I’m not sure why there are two posts at the corner of this pasture, but it makes for an interesting picture.  Big flakes still falling.


Nature's Gallery

A section of the walking trail around Saracen Lake makes a well-organized composition.  This is a low-angle view of the levee along the eastern side of the lake as seen from Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Regional Park.


Let's Practice Some Other Time.

Moving right along, the snow is still falling.  A practice green at Harbor Oaks Golf Club is appropriately lonely considering the conditions.


It'll Stick to Anything.

In my long tenure on this earth I have never seen snow clinging to the wire mesh of a chain-link fence.  This fence on Martha Mitchell Expressway near downtown Pine Bluff, my home turf, was the first for this ol’ boy.


This Side, Too.

Here’s the other side of the fence.


Well, He Does Like Humans....

Actually, for the first snow storm shots, I used the our house as a blind and photographed my spousal unit’s favorite front-yard squirrel.  Using your den for a “hide” is very convenient.  This particular squirrel is tolerant of human beings much more than his (or her) contemporaries.


All Aboard!

For our farewell shot, the train is leaving the station.  You do not see many cabooses any more, and dang few in a snow storm.  The building is the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Historical Museum, formerly the Missouri Pacific Depot.

Lower Arkansas, That Is....

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