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Muskogee Mural

In most every situation there's a touch of visual beauty — or, if not beauty, then perhaps a compelling grouping of shapes and colors to please one's sensibility.  This weathered gray home in a downtown neighborhood of Muskogee, Oklahoma, caught our eye for several reasons, not the least of which is the comely blue door amidst the sea of disorder.

Urban Hillbilly

Sunday, December 13, 2015
Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Nikon maestro from Lower Arkansas, aka Joseph P. Dempsey, graciously allowed me to fill-in this week as guest photographer for Photo of the Week, a CornDancer feature that has run continuously since summer of 2007.  Compelled by a magazine deadline to apply his energies elsewhere, Joseph promises to return next week with his annual "Dog Pictures with Santa" gallery.

This week's picture comes from Muskogee, Oklahoma, where I spied an interesting ramshackle of an abode at 219 West Cedar Street near the urban heart of the fascinating old cow town where the Ozarks end and the Great Prairie begins.

No one came out to greet us as we stopped to snap photos on a sunny Friday on the 4th day of December, and that's just as well, given the propensity of most Oklahomans to hold their privacy sacred and their shotguns at the ready.  Honestly, we tried not to intrude, but the opportunity was simply too tempting.

A few toys on the sidewalk and a couple of tricycles in the front yard indicate the presence of children.  A supply of firewood for the stove and a wheelbarrow on the porch suggests more than a little bit of domestic industry.  As for the corn-bristle broom in the foreground...  well, maybe it has seen better days.


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