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Seasonal Costumes

Winter time in the Delta has its upsides.  In the spring, summer, and fall, you’d never see this contorted remnant of a tree hanging onto life with all it has.  All of which goes to support my premise that there’s never a bad time to go out and see Mother Nature.  She does some neat costume changes for the seasons.

Winter in the Delta

Sunday, January 10, 2016
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Here in LA (Lower Arkansas), evidence of past businesses, homes, and other activities tend to linger long after the general population has deemed them no longer useful.  It does not take a rocket scientist to plumb the reason : it costs money to tear stuff down.


Thing of the Past

You are looking at the remains of a once successful gin.  After cotton production began to shift offshore, what was once a good seasonal livelihood became a thing of the past . What we see here supports the current economic theory that world commerce affects everyone.  Some good.  Some bad.


An Outdoor Museum

At one time it made good sense to store small grains in these on-the-farm bins.  Now it no longer does, so we have a collection of outdoor museum pieces.  This was not a river terminal despite the water you see in the background, which is left over from our recent spate of “too much %$#@#!! rain.


Down Here It Works.

Across the tracks lies the exception to the downward trend.  Though the business model of this enterprise will never be studied at Wharton School of Business and will likely not be fodder for graduate dissertations, down here, it works . And if it ain’t broke, don’t meddle with it.

Thanks for looking at one more random swing through the Delta.  There’ll be more.


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