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Off to the Hidey-Hole

I went after corn imagery and found a corndog and his partner.  This dog left the cornfield and made his way to the gravel road where I had stopped to shoot.  Here he is high-tailing it back to his hidey-hole in the cornfield after he decided he didn't care for my camera and long lens.

LA Corndogs

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Seeking answers to a client's need for corn and cornfield images, I sallied forth early in the afternoon of Saturday, June 20, bound for the general area of southern Jefferson and northern Lincoln counties.  These L.A. environs are normally rife with nearly mature cornfields this time of the year.

There’s a bit of nostalgia here.  During the days when King Cotton reigned, these fields never saw a kernel of corn unless it was left on a freshly masticated roas’near unceremoniously tho’ed out the winder of a pickup truck.  For the most part, those conditions have now flipped — cotton is out, corn is in.

Nostalgia aside, my guess was correct.  There was a lot of corn.  And the sun was in the right direction.  So it was corn pictures á go-go.


Prequel to the Dog

While I was fascinated with photographing these two ears of corn, which seemed to
         A. either be in a conversation, or
         B. be the intro point for a joke that starts out with
              ‘these two ears of corn walked into a bar …‘
— the dog walked into my world for a few minutes.

I was snapping away at the two nice ears of corn leaning toward each other when I felt a presence.  I stopped to scan my surroundings — and lo and behold, there was a skinny, black-and-tan, duke’s mixture dog staring me down.

I swung the camera around to capture his likeness.  He immediately scampered around the front of the truck to the passenger side.  When I swung the camera again through the passenger window, he scampered back across the road into the corn field.

For the remaining minutes of our visit, the dog kept his distance, watching me closely but never leaving the security of the field.


Into the Sanctuary

The dog enters his sanctuary and checks out his surroundings before turning his attention back to me.


A Brief Encounter

After the subject dog settled in, I noticed a second dog nearby, probably a litter-mate.  The second dog never left the cover of the corn.  After I made a couple of shots, he retired from the party, not to be seen again.


I'm Watching You.

After dog one was safely ensconced in his corn castle, he hazarded a glance in my direction.


Maybe You're OK.

After some coaxing and a chorus or two of my best dog talk, he perked up and appeared to have some positive vibes about our encounter.


Well, Maybe Not.

Our subject dog’s positive vibes were short lived as the perky ears began to droop.  He and his skittish partner have probably not fared well in former human relationships.


I'm Not So Sure.

Suspicion mounts as our canine protagonist becomes more cautious.  His story continues at Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind.  See the link below.


Precision Percornified

Having had my share of military experience, I well understand uniform appearance.  My question about this image is:  How does one train corn to grow at ‘Dress right. Dress’?


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