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Standing Tall

Mr. 1 is making an airborne move to the hoop while his opponent is hoping to cut the trip short.  He failed in his defense and Mr. 1 made it to the hoop, only to watch it “rim out.”

From EM to AO to LA

Sunday, February 14, 2016
Pine Buff, Arkansas

In a former life, I shot a lot of sports — on film if that gives you any idea of how far back.  Here lately, I have been afforded the opportunity to shoot sports again.  I am shooting high school and college hoops, and it is a hoot.  This week we are featuring a few of the shots that did not make it into the media.  I like to camp out under the goal where the most dramatic shots are available.


Pale Yellow Beats Blue.

Two guys seem arm-in-arm as they head to the hoop for different reasons.  In this case Mr. Offense (pale yellow) succeeded over Mr. Defense (blue).


Your Athleticism Is Showing.

Mr. 12 and Mr. 35 are showing their ‘athleticism.’


Some Technical Points to Consider

Mr. 5 makes a good clean jump shot for two.  He and his team went on the win the contest.  For those curious photo wonks, when I shoot basketball, presuming that, for the most part, light is even, I shoot manual at f2.8 @ 1/500 and set the ISO to a level to accommodate those settings.  For the pix in this collection the ISO settings ran from 4000 in the better lighted gyms to 6400 in those with less light.  Most gym lights play hob with color as you can see.

As mentioned, I like to camp out under the goal where the most dramatic shots are available.  Most of the time the refs let me stay.  Sometimes they ask that I scoot over.  And I do.  It’s their game, not mine.  Speaking of refs, I have generally found them to be an affable, friendly lot despite popular opinion.  And best I can tell, their worst nightmare is making a bad call that affects game outcome.  One ref told me, “That’s the way it is if you have any conscience at all.”


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