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It's a Legend.

Our legendary camellia went turbo in bloom quality and quantity in response to our recent spate of belt-fed rain.

Opposite and Equal Reactions

Sunday, March 13, 2016
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Here in LA, we are not praying for rain, but if we were, our prayers would have been answered on steroids.  For six days now we have had rain, some of it heavy — and plenty of it.  Needless to say the gripes about the rain are legion.  I must admit, if the rain stopped, I would not be disappointed, but I still believe it is fruitless to gripe about the weather since meteorological circumstances are far removed from my paygrade.


From Bloom to Decay to Mush

The life cycle of the camellia is in plain view.  The stunning blooms peak out and drop to mother earth, begin to decay and finally turn to yukky primordial mush as they become part of parcel of Mother Earth’s top soil.

As these thoughts were percolating through my processing mechanism, I noticed that our camellia went turbo in producing blooms.  Also, there is a bumper crop of spring beauties in our not-yet-mowed-since-last-fall lawn.


A Natural Triptych

A trio of front yard Spring Beauties makes a naturally occurring triptych as shown in this turtle’s eye view.

The observation here brings to my non-scientific mind Newton’s third law of motion that says for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction — the soaking that continues as an inconvenience for us is consummate happiness for the camellia and spring beauties.

The master controller gives us breaks in the downpour to happily observe the flora rejoicing in their good fortune.  It is up to us to enjoy those breaks, though lately they are few and far-between.


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