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Marching Musical Machine

You are looking at the business end of a flugelhorn.  Think of it as a trumpet on steroids with a little more robust tone.  This young lady is a member of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (hereinafter referred to as “UAPB”) marching band, affectionately known as The Marching Musical Machine of the Mid-South (M4).  The band has a respectable flugelhorn section.


Sunday, November 8, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Until 1977 when Chuck Mangione released his album “Feels So Good,” few people other than musicians and music aficionados had ever heard of a flugelhorn.  The title track of the album, “Feels So Good,” climbed to No. 4 on “the charts,” and lot of people learned what a flugelhorn was and how it sounded.

O Fleeting Fame!

Once the tune faded from its nadir of popularity, the flugelhorn likewise faded back into obscurity — and now, for the most part, folks see it as a funny-looking overgrown trumpet, and could not give you the name of the instrument under threat of bodily harm.



A flugelhorn player and a trombonist cruise through the “pass-through” move in marching formation.

'Make a Joyful Noise'

On an assignment to photograph a football game between UAPB and Southern University, I plopped my weary bones on the bench during halftime and watched the band make its triumphal entrance to the field.  They follow the Biblical edict of to “make a joyful noise.”  Man do they ever.  The band covers more than half the field — and the players are fine musicians and great practitioners of precision marching formations.

About that time, I noticed the young lady and her flugelhorn.  I followed the flugelhorn section around the field.  Being that close to a fine marching band that plays with gusto is a unique experience.  Would that I could provide the sound for you.


 More of the flugelhorn section 


 Them ‘Bones, Them ‘Bones, Them Brass Bones. 


 Sousaphones, Trombones and Flugelhorns 


 The Flugelhorn Section Doing What They Do Best 


 A Duke's Mixture of Brass 


On to the Finale

The flugelhorn section belts it out as the band moves into its finale of the halftime performance


Who's That Guy?

The young flugelhornist finally yields to the temptation of looking at the camera.  It had to happen sooner or later.


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