reliable webs

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry/Skeptical Inquirer
Lots of resources on this site with many useful links.

Skeptic Society/Skeptic Magazine
Good overview of the work of this society with useful links.

Ancient Aliens Debunked
This site is devoted to debunking the television series Ancient Aliens.

The Skeptic
British version of Skeptical Inquirer and Skeptic Magazine with many useful resources.

The BS Historian
Skeptical Commentary on Pseudohistory and the Paranormal:
This is a useful blog site.

Hall of Maat:
Weighing the Evidence for Alternative History
This useful website brings together a wide variety of material that critiques pseudo-history and pseudo-archaeology. The webmaster lives in Clanton, Alabama.  

“Seductions of Pseudo archaeology: Pseudoscience in Cyberspace”
An article that appeared in the magazine Archaeology that discusses websites that promote pseudo-archaeology and lists some of the more prominent sites along with the debunking sites.

Pseudo Archaeology Research Archive
This site is the work of students at McGill University in Canada.  It presents some papers that they wrote.  Worth looking at for ideas about what good student research looks like. 

This page within the neohumanism site discusses pseudoarchaeology and lists various proponent and debunking website.  Sadly there are a lot of broken links on this page. 

A Hot Cup of Joe:
Archaeology, Anthropology, Science, and Skepticism
This is a blog by an anthropology graduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington.  The second link is relevant to your study of the documentary The Ancient Civilizations of North America.