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But You Can Leave Your Empties Here.

As a passive communication device, a sign has but one chance to make its point.  I’m thinking this one leaves questions unanswered.  Read on.


Sunday, April 26, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

At first blush, this sign may make its point known, but on second thought, a bunch of questions are being begged here, to wit:


The first question:  The violator’s violation is what?

  1. Eschewing good taste?
  2. Skirting local morals?
  3. Spit on the sidewalk?
  4. The pure food and drug act?
  5. The thoughts you harbored about your hot seventh-grade biology teacher?

We might presume that parking here without buying a hamburger or some other fast-food item qualifies one for a violation.  But we are not sure.


Will the violator be hog-tied or bound in handcuffs and leg irons?  Reason being, most people will object to being towed.  Being hoisted on the hook of a wrecker in public could be a career ender in some professions.  Also, to where are the violators being towed?  Wabbaseka AR, Pocatello ID, or perhaps to an undocumented dungeon?


Finally the milk of human kindness bobs to the top. The franchise owner is agreeing to the towing expense. Thanks for this relief.

4.  Leaving an empty water bottle at the base of the sign apparently does not make one a violator — or, could it be that the violation assistant manager was “on-break” ???


A Slow Chomp

The intent is clear here.  Dump and the sign will eat you — a more or less ignominious end to your otherwise illustrious career.

I'd Say So....

This sign is not for mere mortals, since most of us can figure out the chances of passage here are slim.  So one must presume this sign is intended for superheroes or stuntmen looking to revive their flagging careers.


Flea Market Panorama

No goofy signs here, but the immensity of this outdoor market (as I remember, it’s in Calico Rock, Arkansas — please correct me if I’m wrong) puts it on the you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it scale.  See a larger version of this panorama at Joe Dempsey Photo.

Perhaps this epistle will inspire you to search for the deeper, missing, or missed meaning of signs.  It may just lighten your day.


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