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A Good Lie Ahead

My friend Nick Makris does a decent job of getting his wedge under the ball at Harbor Oaks Golf Course in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  The ball eventually rolled to a good lie on the green.

Ball in the Air

Sunday, July 12, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

A few weeks ago, we ran a series of sports pictures I shot on assignment that were not published by the outfit that hired me.  No problem, that’s the nature of the beast.  It’s my job to shoot and the editor’s job to publish.  The process does, however, leave what I believe some decent images languishing in ignominy on one of my hard drives.  Today they will be available for the world to peruse.  These are the unchosen from a recent golf tournament assignment.  I like to catch the ball in the air.  Most of these do.


Up and Away

Here’s the next shot in the sequence from the first picture.


Under and Up

This dude has just launched a good approach shot.  He clipped a bit of grass, which means he got under the ball well, but not too much.


Up, Down, and Nearly

There’s a little daylight between the ball and the green on this nearly successful putt.  The putt was one of those aim-uphill-and-roll-downhill jobbies that was nearly, but not quite successful in clunking into the bottom of the hole.


Two Iron Down the Fairway

Carl Frains of Hot Springs, Arkansas, makes a nice two-iron shot to put him in a good position near the green.


As Long as It's Not in the Way

This was the more or less informal fun round for the tournament.  This participant temporarily parked his brew on the green while he proceeded to make his putt.


A Smile for an Old Pal

Right before the first tee-offs of the round, I ran into a old friend upon whom I had not laid eyes for many moons.  It was a pleasure to see Greg Walker’s smiling face and exchange pleasantries.

There’s no moral or deeper meaning to this story, but it does show there’s something to be said for having fun — and that you don't have to be a tour shooter to grab a few nice shots.


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