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Catcher at the Ready

The intensity of the game clearly shows in the focus and demeanor of this young catcher at the Babe Ruth World Series in Pine Bluff.

Tournament Notes

Sunday, August 23, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Yours truly just finished seven days of shooting baseball games in the 2015 Babe Ruth 14-year-old World Series held right here in River City, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  The shoot was an assignment, so many of the shots went to the Pine Bluff Commercial on whose behalf I was shooting.  There were a good many decent shots left.  Some really cool shots I overlooked in my hasty reviews to make press time, some were decent action shots, and some were of player miscues — the good, bad and ugly.  Take a gander.


Too Late for the Tag

A few frames after the photo at the top of the page, action heated up at home plate for our young catcher.  Unfortunately for him, the ball arrived after the runner had tagged home plate.



A wild throw to first gave number eight free passage to “safe!”


Sliding Headlong into an Out

This runner at third was not so lucky as the runner at first.  The third baseman met him headlong, ball in hand for a dramatic “out!”


Safe in a Cloud of Dust

Backlit dust frames the play.  The runner was safe by inches.


Drama at Sunset

The sun had dropped a good bit to add drama to this dusty image. Safe at third.


Batboy on a Beeline

A batboy grabs a foul ball and makes a beeline back to the dugout.


Safe at Third

OOPS, that greasy ball slips through the third baseman’s grasp and the runner is safe.


Bad Hop

A bounce gone bad gives the appearance that the fielder is attempting to dribble the baseball.


Safe at First

A definitive safe at first base.


Nice Snag

He made a good catch.



The runner beat the ball to the bag. Safe!


Bounce Goes the Runner's Way

A bad bounce was good news for the runner who was out of the picture, but safe at first base.


The spirit of the tournament

Competitors in lock-step with clean competition in the tradition of good sports.


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