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Book-Ends Hounds

Kitty and Clay Bob, who share accommodations with Joseph Lane, go into their book-ends mode.

Santa Paws

Sunday, December 20, 2015
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Every year around the first couple of weeks in December, the Humane Society of Jefferson County puts on a “Get-your-dog-and-or-self-and-or-children-photographed-with-Santa” event benefitting their rescue and adoption program, which is 100% dependent on donations to stay in business.  For the last several years the event is held at Margland Bed and Breakfast courtesy of Wanda Bateman, proprietress.  I am the dude behind the camera.


A Nipper for a Victrola

Methinks the pooch in the foreground has a forbearer who helped RCA sell a bunch of Victrolas and similar merchandise by RCA.  The forebearer dog's name was “Nipper.”

A completely restored, circa 1903 two-story residence, Margland is replete with Christmas decorations on steroids, and complete with soft Christmas music in the background.  Bringing in lots of people and dogs creates at least some pandemonium, but everyone, including most of the dogs, have a lot of fun.  We are featuring a few of the portraits


Plumage Galore

It’s hard to tell who has the best plumage here.


Dressin' Up for Santa

A family Santa visit decked out in Sunday-go-to-meeting finery.


Gentle Giant

Looks like Bro. Dawg tips the scales in excess of Santa.  He is a gentle giant.


Boys 'n Pups

Boys, dogs, and Santa, looking happily festive — except the pups, who are not quite certain.


Keeping with Tradition

The Santa picture is a yearly tradition with this family.


Look at Those Eyes!

This pooch was into it and as curious about the camera as at those around it.

Christmas 2015 will have come and gone by the next time we reach out, so Merry Christmas to you, yours, and anyone else to whom you feel a bit of attachment.


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