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Meet Stella. She Wants to Meet You.

Stella, the Black Lab, is close to perfection in dogdom. She is the extension of her master, a good friend of mine. She knows what he is thinking. He (my friend) thinks he knows what she is thinking. In this exchange, Stella probably has the upper hand. She is a loyal, obedient pet and hits the water like an Olympic swimmer after a downed duck. In the duck woods, she’s all business. Out of the duck woods, she’s back in her pet mode. Predictable and dependable.


Sunday, June 16, 2013
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Having had a turbulent week, I am ill prepared to celebrate the 300th CornDancer Photo of the Week, which this one is. That’s pitiful, because it’s not often that we get to celebrate anything fun that has more than 300 occurrences. Think about it. How do you feel about the 300th time you’ve hit the same pothole on the way to work? The 300th time you’ve misspelled “absence,” “accommodate,” and/or “embarrass” — and, perhaps, the 300th time you forgot to turn off the bathroom light or expelled a bit of unexpected flatulence? On the other hand, 300 stories and pictures ain’t too shabby if I say so myself.

In the spirit of fun, I am showing a couple of my favorites and a couple of new pictures I’ve squirrelled away for just such a moment.

old vehicles

Tag, You’re It!

The ’49 Ford truck seems to be chasing the old Catepillar. I’m not sure what the vintage of the Cat is, but notice that it still has a crank poking out from under the radiator for starting after the battery goes south. We haven’t seen those in years. For those of us who have hand-cranked ornery engines, the memories of same are not our favorites. There are lots of people who have seen these mechanical critters 300-plus times. They sit about a quarter-mile west of I-530 on U.S. Highway 270 west of Pine Bluff and White Hall, Arkansas.


There’s a Bayou under All This.

In tree-lined Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the burg of my residence, getting a really clear vista of the horizon and great cloud formations is limited to just a few locations. It’s not that I am coming down on tall trees. I love ‘em. They do a masterful job of blocking the horizon. This particular place has a double-whammy for open space that affords spectacular views. Bayou Bartholomew and I-530 come close together here. On this particular day in in September, 2005, all of the good stuff came together.


Farewell Dogwoods

It’s a good thing I shot this dogwood tree in March of 2009 because since then, something untoward invaded its being and turned it into a dead stick. The tree was next door to me. Its twin, residing across the street, similarly spectacular, suffered a similar fate. Makes one grateful for pixels.

This week, see if you can come up with anything you’ve done 300 times that is cool. Kind of an exercise in “Count your blessings.”

Photo Notes

Stella, Nikon D300, ISO 200, Nikkor VR 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 G ED, hand held, 1/50 at f5.0; Truck and dozier, same ISO, camera, and lens, 1/1000 at f16. Clouds, Nikon D200, ISO 400, Nikkor 18-70, f 3.5-f4.5, 1/1250 at f9. Dogwoods, Nikon D300, Nikkor VR 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 G ED, 1/500 at f11. All post processed with Photoshop® CS6 Extended.


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