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This Dog Can Fish!

The very nature of the Felsenthal Bream Fest bream fishing tournament is to have fun.  If you happen to catch enough keepers to win the tournament, that’s even better.  Presence of one’s wife and puppy in the boat is prima facie evidence that the pressure of a tournament is deactivated.


Sunday, May 31, 2015
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Though the day was close to perfect for fishing, prognostications of cruddy weather for that particular weekend in the weeks and days leading up the 2015 Felsenthal Bream Fest apparently triggered a lot of people to change their plans about participating in the event.  To top that off, due to heavy rains in Arkansas upstream from Felsenthal, the lake pool was nine feet above normal on Saturday, May 23, which in LA (lower Arkansas) parlance is a “hobunchawater.”  Apparently that condition spooked even more attendees from the event.

For those who did come to fish and play, the weather and ambiance were just right.  Since there were not as many anglers, this year you will not see as many fishermen in our photo collection of the event.  We were fortunate in that the Almighty sent other photo opportunities our way.


Leaf on the Hook

The lady angler in the back of this boat has just hooked a large cypress tree, an aggravating and common occurrence when fishing for bream in the cypress lakes they love so much.


Lookin' for Cover

These guys know the secrets.  Bream being one of the smaller game fish, they like to make their homes and raise their families in waters with lots of cover.


Cuttin' Some Z's

Not every small fishing boat has a lounge area for a quick nap on the water.  This one is so equipped.


When Opportunity Knocks....

High water was creeping up to the roads in the Felsenthal Camp Grounds adjacent to the Town of Felsenthal.  This young man is one who apparently will not overlook a good opportunity when it comes his way.


Old Timey Taxi

These kind souls brought their horse and buggy to the campgrounds.  Whenever a fellow camper requested a ride, they answered the call.


Swamp Critters

While looking for anglers, we cruised upon a small colony of nutria.  You’ll find a few of these critters in south Arkansas and a lot of 'em in Louisiana.  Many of them, like these, do not panic at the sight and hearing of a boat full of human beings.  We presume they have figured out that our presence is temporary and it’s simply too much trouble to move.


No Fear Here

This nutria selected a perch just over the water on a cypress branch.  We circled the small beast a few times for more shots.  Other than following me with its eyes, it remained stationary.


Kid Magnet

For Saturday's festivities, the festival provided two inflatables, AKA, kid magnets.  The most popular of the two was this giant water slide.  The airborne young lady was screaming with delight.


A Flyin' Bag of Baggo

Several impromptu Baggo Teams hooked up Friday night and kept the air full of flying bags for a while.  Some of the competitors showed real skill in pitching the bags.  The majority of the players were like me:  We couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle.  Bottom line, accuracy or not, we all were having fun.


A Tune in the Pavilion

These two fine musicians provided music Friday night in the Felsenthal Town Pavilion.

The very nature of the Felsenthal Bream Fest is to have fun.  And in that category, the 2015 Felsenthal Bream Fest was a rousing success.  Mark your calendar for the third weekend in May of 2016.

While you're waiting, be sure and see the 2015 Bream Fest picture gallery on the Felsenthal website.  You'll find 48 photos for your enjoyment.


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