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Clover by the Highway

A honeybee goes about her work in a clump of clover on U.S. Highway 79 just west of Fordyce, Arkansas.  Blooming clover in highway medians is one of the delights of traveling Arkansas in the early spring, which, by the way, is late this year due to an indecisive winter.  We hope this sure sign of spring means we have engaged the seasonal ratchet, signaling a welcome end to chilly weather.

Roll Me Over in the Clover

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Blooms of crimson clover in the medians are a welcome sight to springtime travelers here in the Natural State.  The Arkansas Department of Highways and Transportation seeds the medians with this prolific poesy from the flatness of the Delta to the cragginess of the Ozark and Ouachita mountains, delighting many, yours truly included.


I recently discovered via a Facebook post of a single clover image that I am not alone as an admirer of clusters of clover.  I captured the clover after a shoulder stop on a busy interstate.  Given that encouragement, I decided to sally forth to capture roadside clover.  But in a safer place.

The longest strips are on the well-traveled interstates and busy secondary roads, where photography can be life threatening.  Fortunately, good ol’ Highway 79, though not as well populated with clover as the busier thoroughfares, has less traffic and plenty of turnoff breaks in the medians where clover thrives.  One has a much higher probability of survival while capturing clover there.  I’ll not bore you with further observations.  The flowers speak for themselves.

clover-b clover-c clover-d

Well... maybe one observation.  The next two pictures are backlit.  I am shooting into the light, which gives a slightly different look.  I am showing you two backlit pictures of the same scene with different exposures and different crops.  You can decide on your favorite.

clover-e clover-f

And last but not least, the roadside clover as it is.


Thanks for looking. 

Photo Notes

All shot with tripod mounted Nikon D7100 and AF-S Nikkor 18-200 f3.5 17-200 GED VR. Post processed with Photoshop CC.


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