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Green Cheese Moonlight Blues

This drummer is banging away in the waning hours of the Blues Music Awards, so perhaps the green-cheese moon-like rays are appropriate.


Monday, May 16, 2016
Pine Buff, Arkansas

There’s a soft spot in my heart for drummers.  My brother Hank is a drummer.  Not just any drummer…  He holds a Master of Music degree — in percussion.

That said, every time I see a band and the drummer tucked neatly away at the back of the group, I think of H. Dempsey.  Drummers are like tall guys in a choir — they are relegated to the back row.  Few band photographers go there, present company excepted.


All In!

This drummer is in it — body, mind, and soul.

Once I started shooting bands, for at least one series of exposures I would traipse around the side of the band and fire a bunch of drummer exposures.  This year at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis, I shot most, but not quite all of the drummers, since this story did not occur to me until after some of the first bands had folded their tents.


Gals Can Rock, Too!

This year a woman drummer showed up with one of the bands — and she rocked!


Lookin' Good 'n Soundin' Good

This possum-blond drummer has the appearance —– and put out the sound of experience.


Percussion All 'Round

I’m thinking this group qualifies to be included since each member of the band is playing a percussion device of some sort.

In most band photos, images of other-than-drummers are the featured view.  Not so now.  This time the drummers, the rhythmic foundation of music, are the stars.  Unfortunately, for this Blues Music Awards session, I did not get names to go with the drummers, and I apologize for this bit of ignominy.


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